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Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds in Gurnee, IL

Get greater performance from your transmission with professional repairs and rebuilds for transmissions from Gurnee Transmission & Automotive. Our expert technicians specialize in keeping your vehicle performing at optimum levels.
With over 30 years of transmission repair and rebuild experience, you can count on our skill and depth of knowledge to solve any transmission problems you may encounter and give you a performance edge. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of transmissions for all makes and models.
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Rebuilt Transmission

With the rapid advancement of automotive technology, transmission specialists now need to know more than ever. With as many as 350 transmission models and the increasing complexity of transmission technology, you need a transmission specialist you can count on to stay ahead of the curve. Gurnee Transmission & Automotive provides you with the highest level of transmission expertise. Our technicians combine years of experience with advanced training and continuous education that has gained us an unparalleled reputation in Gurnee, IL.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Attention

  • Shifting delay or failure
  • Lags or thumping noises when shifting
  • Engine speeds up, but car doesn't accelerate when gas is applied
  • Red, pink or brown fluid puddles under your car
  • Low transmission fluid levels
  • Whining, grinding or banging noises
  • Unresponsiveness in cold weather
  • Engine overheating

Transmission Rebuild vs. Used Transmission

Rebuilding is more expensive but it comes with a warranty and we use quality parts. Rebuilt transmissions are like new. We rebuild your transmission, we replace the torque converter, install latest updates, flush the transmission cooling system, then we road test it and make sure it is ready to go!

Transmission Rebuild process

  • Inspect for damage or cracks
  • Replace components that are damaged or don't meet factory standards
  • Replace clutch, seal and gasket
  • Disassemble and test transmission valve body
  • Clean and degrease reusable internal components and transmission case
  • Replace torque converter
  • Reassemble and reinstall transmission
  • Fill to capacity with transmission fluid
  • Perform road test
Never wait if you suspect your transmission is having trouble. Small transmission problems quickly become big problems. Let the experts at Gurnee Transmission & Automotive provide quality care for your transmission.
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